AMI Assistant and Diploma Courses for 2019 in London

The Maria Montessori Institute is delighted to announce that in 2019 we will be running AMI Assistants Certificate and Diploma courses at all levels and in a variety of formats to accommodate different working patterns and family life!
AMI Assistants Certificate Courses 
Our Assistants Certificate Courses are perfect for anyone wanting to become a Montessori classroom assistant or for anyone wanting to explore a different Montessori Educational stage.

These courses provide an introduction to Montessori Child Psychology and Child Development, to Educational Theory and Practice Observation, and are focussed on the approach taken for the particular age range chosen.

AMI Assistants Certificate 0-3
15th March – 14th April 2019 (Evenings & weekends)AMI Assistants Certificate 3-6
12th January – 10th March 2019 (5 weekends)AMI Assistants Certificate 6-12
8th April – 19th April 2019 (Monday – Friday, daytime)

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AMI Degree & Diploma courses 
Our AMI Montessori Degree and Diploma courses are aimed at those working or planning to work with young children from birth to 12 years old. They are suitable not only for those who want to be teachers but also for parents, carers, psychologists, therapists and nurses.

AMI Montessori Diploma 0-3 (SUMMER COURSE)

Module 1: 8th July – 6th September 2019
Module 2: 6th July – 28th August 2020

AMI Montessori Diploma 3-6 (DAY, EVENING, SUMMER) 

One year, day: September 2019 – June 2020

Two year, day: September 2019 – June 2021
Two year, evening: September 2019 – June 2021

Summer course: July – September (2019 – 2021)

AMI Montessori Diploma 6-12 (SUMMER COURSE)
This course is offered in association with Montessori College Dublin.

Foundation Module: 17th June -13th July 2019
Module 1: 17th July – 6th September 2019
Module 2: 13th July – 4th September 2020
Module 3: 5th July – 31st August 2021

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Foundation Degree Montessori Pedagogy (AMI 3-6)

Two Year, Full time, day: September 2019 – June 2020

BA Degree in Early Childhood with Montessori Pedagogy (AMI 3-6)

Accessed by studying for a final year with the University of East London, after completing the Foundation Degree Modules.

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