7th Nordic Montessori Conference, Norway

7th Nordic Montessori Conference, Norway

As part of the global Montessori 150 celebrations, Montessori Norge is delighted to invite their fellow Montessorians to the 7th Nordic Montessori Conference in Bergen Norway in September 2020. Registration will open in January 2020, and following is advance information to prepare arrangements to visit Bergen next year!

The conference will take place from Friday 11th of September to Saturday 12th of September. There will be an additional professional development day on Sunday 13th of September.

The venue will be Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Bergen, located at the scenic and historic area Bryggen in Bergen.

The theme of the conference is The Power of Language.

Speakers include:

  • Montessori teacher, trainer and Ed.D Michael Dorer: “The Transformative Power of Storytelling”
  • Lynne Lawrence, Executive Director of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)
  • AMI-trainers Madlena Ulrich and Carla Foster
  • Tomas Myklebust, psychologist specialising in clinical neuropsychology, and a passionate speaker on brain research and debunking brain myths.



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